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Volume II

After an exorcism gone wrong, Luthor Gladdenstone and Arthur Qunito realize the stakes in this spiritual game have been raised, and it is up to them to appeal to the Grand Priest so they can combat this evil. Despite their efforts, General Ryker Jaxson continues to become an ever-increasing threat against the exorcists’ work.

Elan, Mingan, and Chogan find themselves trapped in the Du’Rahoggan mines with Hosia and Kai. The situation quickly becomes more dire as they are relentlessly pursued by a swarm of terrifying, flesh-eating creatures. The five Stormens must quickly find a way to escape in order to avoid being trapped underground forever.

Jacoby Bellowford narrowly escaped death during his encounter with the hag. However, the enigmatic Craney Duncan reveals that there is more to the tale. Jacoby suspects that something sinister is afoot, but he cannot pinpoint exactly what it is. Despite the potential of unimagined wealth, he wonders if pursuing this adventure is truly worthwhile.


Sophia and Maryam Graves, accompanied by Officer Riley Ford, have been assigned a mission to locate Tyus Platt for Shelmay, the fortune teller. Shelmay has promised to reveal crucial details about the werewolf that is causing havoc in Sarasota in exchange for their help. Will the Sarasota City Watch be able to assist them, or will the teens and their courageous partner become the next prey for the creature?

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