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Volume I

Ready for a new book that will thrust you into a wild, wicked world?

Discover the thrilling new series "Tales of the Alkhalm Forest," set in a fantasy world where magic, demons, and monsters rule supreme. Fate intertwines with the lives of many, but will it lead them to their destiny or their demise?

Luthor Gladdenstone is the Chief Exorcist of the portside city, Davisport. He's alarmed to discover that the demons he's always studied and read about are now possessing innocent individuals in the disease-stricken Slums. The Grand Priest orders him to investigate these happenings, and he teams up with fellow priest, Arthur, to complete the task.

Elan and his son, Hosia, both Stormen Natives with exceptional magical abilities that even the most resilient Stormen warriors find intimidating, are summoned to the capital city of Du'Rahog. Their mission is to assist with an investigation into a murderous beast that was unleashed following a tragic cave-in within the mountain's mines.

Jacoby Bellowford is a coward working for a law firm. His mean-hearted boss assigns him the task of delivering a confidential letter to a city that's located on the other side of a dense forest. Petrified of the wilderness, Jacoby strays from the path and stumbles upon a dilapidated house where he meets the elderly Craney Duncan. Despite his reservations, Jacoby is presented with an offer he simply can't refuse.

Sophia Graves and her brother, Maryam, are ordinary teenagers living in the city of Sarasota. One fateful night, Sophia's friend Lydia disappears without a trace, sparking a frantic search effort. Determined to help find their friend, Sophia and Maryam insist on joining the search party. What they discover in the forest will leave them both in disbelief and change their lives forever.



Are you ready to join the perilous adventure? 

Tales of the Alkhalm Forest: Volume 1 is only the beginning of a gripping series that is sure to leave readers spellbound. Answer the calling of your destiny and uncover the emotional twists and turns that await you in the Alkhalm Forest.

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