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Volume III

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It has been thirteen years since Luthor Gladdenstone's epic fight against the evil demon, Sideous. The plague that had been affecting the Slums of Davisport has disappeared, bringing a time of calm to the people. Luthor, who has been promoted to High Priest, has taken Daniella Leon, now twenty-five years old, under his tutelage. In addition, he helps General Estin Julian train new members for the Holy Guards.

Luthor and Daniella's peaceful existence is disrupted when a stranger arrives and reveals that Sideous and the hag, Pollie Duncan, his wicked minon, are still alive and causing havoc in the Alkhalm forest. The stranger, Jacoby Bellowford, claims to have been battling the demon for the past eight years after encountering them in a remote house within the forest.

Jacoby tries to convince Luthor and Daniella to join him on a mission to defeat their enemies once and for all. Luthor has only seen this location in a vision, where deserted cabins are situated on a desolate hilltop known as Belkridge Camp.

Hosia's life changed drastically 14 years ago when the Du'Rahoggan mines collapsed, causing him to lose everything. He ran from the only life he ever knew, exploring the world until he found a job at the Heartwell Logging Company, situated in central Alkhalm. After work one day, he's approached by young, blonde-haired woman he's seen many times in his dreams.

Sophia Graves was raised by Constable Riley Ford after the encounter with the beast of Sarasota. After three years of terrifying, sickening visions of a camp lost in the forest, Sophia flees Riley in search of it. It's then that she stumbles upon Hosia and discovers their fated connection.

Sophia pleads with Hosia to join her in her trek to Belkridge Camp. Whatever lingers there, whether it be destiny, answers to life-long questions, or abhorrent evil untold, Sophia convinces Hosia they must get to the bottom of it.

Two groups of connected souls embark on their journey to Belkridge Camp, a place familiar to all of them in some way. They sense an ominous presence and feel a call to action, as if they've been preparing for a fight that's been brewing for a decade.

The demon awaits anxiously, as does Pollie Duncan, the Hag of Belkridge Camp.

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